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Skipton Market is one of the oldest Markets in the country and has been around since the medieval times. It is described as the ‘Gateway to the dales’ and has amazing scenery everywhere you look.

Skipton has lots to offer, for example it has the famous pork pie shop ‘ Stanforths!’, large stalls with professional traders who have many years experience, a day at Skipton castle, long beautiful walks down the canal and lots of annual events such as:

And much more.

“Skipton – Best high street in England”

the best shopping in Britain’ – The Times

Skipton high street beats Portobello Road to win best street title’ – Telegraph

In the November of 2009 Skipton was awarded by the Academy of Urbanism Awards the title ‘ Best high street in England!’ beating UK and Irish gems such as: Donegall Street, Belfast High Street, Deal High Street, Oxford High Street, Rochester High Street, Wells Princes Street, Edinburgh and Royal Crescent Bath.

Judges visited Skipton in August to make their final decision and were impressed by the street’s eclectic mix of historic architecture, modern-day bars and cafes and its market four days a week.